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SZO ČZS Saintpaulia

"Saintpaulia" is a specialised horticultural organisation which was set up in December 2006 by a group of enthusiastic growers, collectors and admirers of african violets.
What is the goal of the organisation? To associate the growers of african violets, organise exhibitions and inform the public about african violets, their growing, reproduction, prevention of deseases and pest.
In case you are interested in our work, visit the section Fotogalerie ("Gallery").
You can send your comments and suggestions to our e-mail or in our  Diskusní fórum ("Phorum").

The "Saintpaulia" is only organizing growers of african violets - the organization is not a seller of plants or cuttings. If you want to buy some plants or cuttings you may contact growers on their WebPages in the Odkazy ("Links").



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